Trivendra Singh Rawat Takes Charge of Uttarakhand Today: The BJP’s Trivendra Singh Rawat, who had been a long-time RSS pracharak, will take oath as the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand today.

Trivendra Singh Rawat Takes Charge of Uttarakhand Today

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Trivendra Singh Rawat, who will take oath on Saturday as the ninth chief minister of Uttarakhand, has said development of the state will be his priority.

Trivendra Singh Rawat Takes Charge of Uttarakhand Today

Trivendra Singh Rawat Takes Charge of Uttarakhand Today. Mr. Rawat, who had worked closely with party chief Amit Shah during the 2014 national election, has many years of experience as a minister. His name was proposed by BJP leader Prakash Pant and seconded by Satpal Maharaj. The two BJP men were also in the race for the post. Mr. Rawat a sworn in as Uttarakhand Chief Minister today at Dehradun’s Parade Ground. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah are scheduled to attend the swearing-in ceremony.

Mr. Rawat will be the ninth Chief Minister of the hill state. After Mr. Pant and Mr. Maharaj’s proposal, the remaining 54 Bharatiya Janata Party legislators unanimously approved Mr. Rawat’s candidature.

Trivendra Singh Rawat will be sworn in as the ninth Chief Minister of Uttarakhand today

The swearing-in will be in state capital Dehradun on Saturday afternoon in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah.

“I have a single point agenda, which is development … I will ensure 100% to offer better services to the people,” the chief minister-elect said in an Interview.

“People are struggling for basic amenities even 16 years after Uttarakhand was formed. The condition of schools, public healthcare and roads are pathetic. Besides, there is no employment opportunity.”

Trivendra Singh Rawat Takes Charge of Uttarakhand Today

Rawat was one of Shah’s three deputies in Uttar Pradesh where the BJP swept all but seven seats in the 2014 parliamentary elections. He credits with the BJP’s win in Jharkhand.

The BJP’s organizational man and party in-charge in Jharkhand served as a minister in the hill state’s BJP government in 2007.

In the recently-concluded assembly polls, the BJP won with a clear majority of 57 seats in the 70-member Uttarakhand Assembly. Thereby ousting the Congress that managed to win just 11 seats this time.

The party will have to make its choice between loyalists and Congress turncoats who joined the BJP last year after rebelling against outgoing chief minister Harish Rawat. Among the 10 Congress rebels who contested, eight won. They are reportedly eyeing a “big role” in the government now.

Sorting out the issue may be a tricky affair for Mr Rawat, as the limit for the size of the Cabinet is only 12 including the chief minister. Aspirants for ministerial berths are far too many including old party loyalists as well as the Congress turncoats. They were ministers in Harish Rawat’s Cabinet and won this time on BJP tickets.

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