Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Tag: Telangana Government

TET is mandatory for Private School teachers

Telangana Government has announced TET is compulsory for Private school teachers

Not only the Government aided or public schools but also the private schools in the state have to follow the rule of recruiting the...
KCR Cigarette Smoking at Vijayawada

Exclusive: Telangana CM KCR Cigarette Smoking Pic at Vijayawada

Hyderabad: The exclusive picture of Telangana CM KCR smoking Cigarette at Krishna River Bank had made a huge splash and it had already gone viral...
Baahubali Gives Insperation to Telangana Govt

Baahubali Boosts Telangana Government

Hyderabad: Baahubali movie inspired the Government of Telangana for appointing first anti-piracy technology. Rajamouli has used this technology in Baahubali first time after launching the TIPCCU.The piracy...
Telangana Government Holidays 2016 List

Telangana Government 2016 Holidays List Released

Hyderabad: Telangana Government has released the list of general holidays for the year 2016 yesterday on its official portal and check it onceThe newly...