Nikhil December 14, 2015

Fish is a nutritious food, being rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which are significant to maintain good health. As compared to Beef and Pork, it has much lower in fat, cholesterol and calories. Whereas, not all fish are the same, if you want more info then check the 3 Reasons to Stop Eating Tilapia.

inline_535_ fishes have been contaminated by the high levels of mercury in the seas. Those that are farm-bred, meanwhile, pose major health risks that we should sat away from.

Tilapia is one of the famous and most popular fish, many people loved to eat, as it is cheap cost and delicious in taste. As per National Institute of Fisheries report Tilapia is fourth most consumed seafood in the United States. But with every bite we’re putting our health on the line.

Here are top 3 Reasons to Stop Eating Tilapia

You are more prone to inflammation

Fish is the usual go to seafood of those who want to up their intake of omega 3 fatty acids. Probably Omega 3 is known for its benefits in health by lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol in the bloodstream and boosting the immune system. It also prevents arthritis, heart disease, depression and even cancer.

As per study conducted at the Wake Forest University in 2008 revealed that tilapia contains Omega 6 than omega 3 with a ratio of 11 to 1. Higher omega 6 means an increased risk in asthma, arthritis and other inflammatory conditions as it is notorious for causing inflammation inside the body.

You are at greater risk for cancer

There are many reports that farm-bred tilapia from China are fed with animal faces and thus can increase your risk of cancer 10 times more than fish caught in the wild. As per report the farmed fish are fed with feces from ducks, chicken and pigs.

You could ingest antibiotics, pesticides & chemicals

Meanwhile they are raised in crowded fish pens; tilapia is more disposed to to diseases. Farm owners give them antibiotics to avoid them from getting sick. They’re also given pesticides to give sea lice, a common problem. These chemicals are active but are nevertheless harmful to people’s health when ingested.

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