Ambiance movie: Seven Hour Trailer Released

Ambiancé movie Seven Hour Trailer Released

Ambiance movie runs for a whopping 30 days have released its Seven Hour Trailer and talk about dramatic art.

Ambiancé movie Seven Hour Trailer Released

Seven Hour Trailer: Three years ago Danish artist collective Superflex created Modern Times Forever, a 240-hour film which broke the record for the longest movie of all time. Well if a 10-day long movie wasn’t enough, Swedish artist Anders Weberg is hoping to break that record with his 720-hour long movie, Ambiancé. That’s right, a movie with a running time of 30 straight days — and you thought Transformers: Age of Extinction felt long? Here is hoe Weberg describes the film.


I usually watch any trailer I write about in full, but this “short teaser” is 72-minutes long so that just aren’t going to happen. And if this teaser is too short for your appetite, Weberg has announced that he will be releasing the first “short trailer” with duration 7 hours 20 minutes in 2016, and a “Longer trailer with duration 72 hours” in 2018.

How long does it take to edit a 720-hour movie? Weberg has ways to go; his current plan is to premiere the film on December 31st, 2020. Mark that dates down because the film will only be shown once in screenings synchronized over all of the world’s continents before it is destroyed. Talk about dramatic art.

Also, with a running time of 30 days and only one public screening, doesn’t that mean that no one other than the filmmaker will have seen the entire film?