Woman in Madhya Pradesh Killed Husband and Children Says She Was a Goddess

Woman in Madhya Pradesh Killed Husband and Children Says She Was a Goddess

A 30-year-old woman from Madhya Pradesh who is facing life imprisonment for killing her better half and her children has said that she was a goddess and did that because of that only. Everyone surprised with her statement.

As per latest reports she has been approached Supreme court to set her free for her actions which had done four years ago. She also claims that she had no reason to kill her family members, but confronted them with a nipper when a tantric was treating her for a mental illness.

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However, both the lower court and higher court have imprisoned Rajwa kol. Interestingly a bench headed by justice SA Bobde approved to hear Rajwa’s appeal. On the flip side, Rajwa’s lawyer Dushyant Parashar opposed she suffered from “Delusions of grandeur,” and proclaimed that the courts before ignored the doctor’s report confirming Kol’s condition.

When she moved to the hospital, she was in the destructive mood and was taking too much. She was completely in an abnormal state and claims that she was a goddess, Devi. Kol also said that she would punish any enemy.

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Coming from Sidhi district in Madhya Pradesh, Kol did a murder on March 3, 2012, killing her husband and children. In November 2015, the trial court condemned and agreed on her to death, but in February this year, High Court altered the sentence to life imprisonment.