Government Medical College in Kerala has issued dress code for girls, prohibited Jeans and Noisy ornaments

Kerala Medical College bans jeans and noise ornaments and issues dress code for girls

No Jeans and No Noise Ornaments for the Government Kerala Medical College girl students in Thiruvananthapuram. The College has come under the flak for issuing a dress code for the girls and prohibiting them from wearing jeans, leggings and noisy ornaments inside the campus.

The circular issued on Thursday by the Vice Principal of the college stating the set of rules in regards to the MBBS courses to ensure attendance and final internal marks.

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“Institution can have a dress code, but this has discrepancies. What is wrong with jeans?” said Santhosh Kumar, Confederation of Medical College doctors. He stated that the dress code should be rational”.

“In a multicultural setting like this, we have to be inclusive. If there is a dress code then it has to be rational,” said Santhosh.

The issued circular also mentions that the boys have ordered to maintain neat and clean dress and an appearance with formal dress and shoes. The women have asked to wear ‘Chudidars or Sarees’ and hair have to be put up. And most importantly girls are not allowed to wear jeans, leggings and noise ornaments.

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But the students have criticized the move by calling it as a violation of their personal rights. The Principal of the College Dr. Thomas Mathew said that the rule of dress code is already present as per the Medical Council of India guidelines.

This is not the first news about the dress code in the college. In addition to the Kerala Government Medical College, the Kozhikode College has also banned the girls from wearing jeans earlier this year.

Last year, the Northern College of Kerala had ordered girl students to wear the uniform of kurta, a churidar and an overcoat instead of dupatta. Most of the girls especially of Medical and Engineering courses are complaining about the new dress code.