Shocking News: Kamal Haasan Gautami Breakup after 13 years Live-in Relationship

Southern Actress Gautami Confirms breakup with superstar Kamal Haasan

Shocking news for Kamal Haasan fans. Southern actress Gautami has separated from superstar Kamal Haasan after living together for more than 13 years. Kamal Haasan Gautami split after 13 years of live-in relationship shocked everyone in the film industry.

The senior Southern actress Gautami herself confirmed the news on her blog. Gautami recently made headlines after she met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Now, the actress was again in the news this time for a sad reason.

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Actress Gautami posted the news regarding her split with superstar Kamal Haasan mentioned as “Life and decisions.” She also revealed the reasons for why she is breaking with the veteran actor.

Gautami Twitter Posts about her breakup with Kamal Haasan

Before the relationship with Kamal, the actress was married to Businessman Sandeep Bhatia in 1998, and also they have a daughter named Subbalakshmi who was born in 1999. She divorced SandeepBhatia in 1999.

Kamal Haasan Gautami live-in relationship continues since 2005, and now they are breaking up with each other. The couple who met on the shoot of Apoorva Sagodharal in 1989 negated to marry each other because they didn’t have trust in the institution of marriage.

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In the blog, the veteran actress mentioned that their paths have irretrievably deviated and she has been struggling to compromise with things for last two years. Kamal Hassan Gautami split news is heartbreaking for her.

She also mentioned that announcing this news to the public is not for sympathy or blaming the star. However, Kamal Haasan Gautami split after 13 years is sad news for both the actors’ fans.