Free Nuggets for 365 days and a Guinness World Record to Carter Wilkerson

Nuggets for Carter Wilkerson

Twitter is one of the online news and social networking portal all over the world. Any news gets shared within seconds in that medium. Recently a teenager entered the Guinness Book of World Records because of his tweet. A 16-year-old registered his name in the Guinness Book as the person whose tweet got the most number of tweets.

Don’t think that he might be a celebrity and the tweet is about something great. A teen is just an ordinary man, and the tweet is about chicken nuggets. Carter Wilkerson who loves chicken nuggets more than anything went to a bakery and ordered them. He ate them and went to the owner and innocently asked him how many retweets he has to get to eat the nuggets for an entire year without paying anything. Confused owner stated that Carter must get 1.80 crore retweets. The boy immediately posted this story on Twitter and shared that he needs nuggets and help him by retweeting the post. The post includes the screenshot of the chat between Carter and Wendy’s fast food restaurant company. Carter asked how many retweets to get 12 months of free nuggets to which Wendy’s replied 18 million.

The boy not only reached the target, even surpassed it and can now get a year full of nuggets for free. Keeping the nuggets aside, the boy recorded his name in Guinness Book of World Records by gaining 34,30,500 retweets. He topped the list by striking off the record set by Ellen’s infamous Oscar Selfie for Samsung. Carter also got awarded with some money which he donated to a foundation.