Boy Dies after Allergic Reaction to Cheese Which was Reportedly Forced on his Face

Boy Died after Allergic Reaction to Cheese

Karanbir Cheema was a 13 year old young boy from William Perkin C of E high school in Greenford, London.

Karanbir was moved to hospital after facing an allergic attack in school due to coming in contact with cheese on June 28th. He was admitted in hospital for past 2 weeks and took his last breath on Sunday.

Parents of Karanbir are in trauma due to death of their son. Parents claim that that their son was allergic but led a normal life. He was always careful about his food habits and conscious about his way of living.

Reportedly his parents claim that school has not informed them the entire issue and being secretive about the incident that took place in school. They inform that they are unaware of what has exactly happened. His parents are doubtful that he was bullied by rubbing cheese on his neck.

She said “I want answers, I want to get to the bottom of what happened, I will be asking the school if he was bullied but my son was very popular, you could not help but like that child, he never made enemies.”

Father Amarjeet Cheema said “my son’s death doesn’t make any sense. We were in hospital. I had to watch him die – no parent should have to go through that. While he was in hospital we were fully concentrated on his condition. Now we want answers. How could this have happened?

My son had allergies but he was very careful. He had an allergy to dairy products but was good at avoiding them. I don’t know how a piece of cheese hitting him could have killed him, it doesn’t make any sense. We have been told very little.”

Watching their son dying is not an easy thing to handle for any parents. Parents of Karanbir have gone through the dejection and praying for every parent that they should not face such situation in their life time. Losing a young son is not a thing to be digested in a short time.

His mom stated he was a famous and bright student in the school and didn’t have enemies. He was very interested in computer subjects and wanted to be an IT engineer.

One of the teen boys got arrested from school on suspicious note.

“He had a smile on his face when he went and we prayed until the final second,” his mom said filled in sorrow.