Monster Employment Index Increased its e-hiring up to 11% in June

Monster Employment Index

Online recruitment process has become a common thing with the increase in number of e-hiring sites. According to there has been a growth of 11% in June which less comparative to April. is an online employment website located in the United States which is operated by Monster Worldwide Inc. it was created in the year 1999 through the merge of The Monster Board and Online Career Centre (OCC).

It helps the graduates to seek the jobs through the website. It provides all the vacancies and job descriptions for the graduates to apply online and attain the job. The website is linked with the renowned companies and act as a platform to seek the jobs.

Graduates can attach their CV and search for the job according to their interested and qualified fields. Among sectors that underwent growth are banking/financial services, insurance (up 44%) followed by home appliances (up 34%) and consumer goods/ FMCG, food& packaged food (up 33%), a company provided the date

However, the downfall year-on-year decline was seen in production & manufacturing (-22%), import/export, advertising, market explorations, public relations (-18 %), BPO/ITeS (-7%) and real estate (-3%).

“The implementation of Goods and Service Tax is a progressive step and is likely to have an encouraging impact on the job market nudging the overall growth,” are the words of Sanjay Modi, Managing Director,

“This is the first negative growth since April 2014. The decline in demand is reflected on all other parameters as well, down 6 per cent (month-on-month), down 9 per cent (3-month) and down 8 per cent (6-month),” they added to the information.