INCOIS Releases SARAT App to Help Lives and Property at Sea


SARAT an excellent app developed by the Indian national centre for ocean information service (INCOIS) located in Hyderabad. The main goal of introducing the app was to search 64 types of missing objects like ships, submarines along with human beings in sea.

SARAT was launched at a meeting that was held at Vigyan Bhavan in Delhi by the National Maritime Search and Rescue (NMSAR) Board chairman and Director General Indian Coast Guard Rajendra Singh on Monday 10th July.

The main features of app are to identify the objects that are lost in oceans. When navy people get lost their direction this app will help them out of situation. Fishermen who travel a long distance into sea for living may face problem due to bad weather conditions they can be identified by activating the app.

The app mostly suggested to Indian coast guards, Navy and coastal security police to help them in the situation of need and also save time of searching. It would make work faster and easier. Indian officials working over oceans have to encounter many kind of problems that occur due to bad weather. In such case app would help to minimise loss of life, serious injuries and damage of property.

The app is available now and can be downloaded from play store. App was released in the web format earlier but now it’s made available from Google play store. It is said to be integrated with the Indian satellite INSAT for real time transmission and receiving of information.

According to INCOIS Director Satheesh C. Shenoi, Request forms and generated responses have been provided in local languages of all Indian coastal States so that fishermen can easily use it to search when their fellow fishermen are in trouble.

The app is certified to be versatile, as its efficiency to find the missing objects in sea is at extreme level. Conducting search and rescue operations at sea and oceans are very challenging and app would surely help in such rigid conditions.

The app consists of features like sharing their location using GPS location service which is available in it. ‘Search Area’ option is generated so that they will be able to calculate the distance for the nearest area. To avoid loss of connectivity the user can start using app while he/she is still on land to regulate the search area and to download the route.

Dr.Shenoi stated that SARAT app would support 90% of android mobiles for the easy use to any kind of user. The accuracy of SARAT has been validated using networks of drifting buoys and other instruments.

The SARAT app has already proved its efficiency earlier by successfully helping in the recovery of missing coast guards from Dornier aircraft of Chennai 2015.