Exams Should Encourage Students to Study but not Create Fear

Exams Should Encourage Students

When fear of failure enters into the student mind he starts performing in much poorer way. Students should always be encouraged to learn something but not to just remember the same thing.

Failure in one exam will not spoil his life that is for sure. But the fear will definitely spoil his career. The kind of thinking and encouragement is expected from both parents and teachers.

When a student fails, parents blame the management, management blames the department, department blames the teacher and teacher blames the student for his/her inefficiency.

In that situation a student needs his parent’s support, a teacher’s concern and management’s encouragement. But the student has to face the blame of failure, give a bundle of explanation and bare the guilt.

Society has become so possessive about their children’s career that it spoiling the education system and students are the ultimate sufferers.

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Manish Sisodia, Delhi deputy chief minister stated that exams should be conducted to encourage the students and to know their ability but not to create a fear. On 12th July Manish addressed the seminar conducted by Examination branch of Delhi government.

“The society’s remote control lies with the education system which is with the examination system. What knowledge has to be imparted? How it should be done? What should be the motive and methodology? All these factors are driven by the examination system only and those setting up question papers should keep these factors in mind,” Manish mentioned.

Students should be encouraged to focus on their goals. They should increase the ability to know their field of interest so that they can excel in that field.

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