CBSE Board Plans to Conduct 10th and 12th Exams on Same Date in Two Shifts


In order to reduce the time span of examination Central Board of Education (CBSE) has planned to conduct 10th and 12th exams at a time.

The examination time table will be in the shift form. 12th students exam will be in morning section and 10th in afternoon section.

The proposal was kept for the sake of reducing the examination period which generally prolongs to 45 days. By conducting exams at a time even students will feel free from exam environment.

Saving time and giving teachers more time to evaluate is the ultimate reason. When correction takes place in a free manner there is a scope that students can score good marks. Because usually teachers get less time to evaluate a single sheet.

Around 10 lakh students attended 12th board exams in 2017. In that order, there are 18,000 institutes affiliated under CBSE board will conduct both the examinations.

Usually exams are carried out in March and results will be out in May. Now if they follow the proposal they will be able to release the results at the same time with little gap of time.

CBSE has two panels of committees which will look into the proposal and will give the final decision.

A part from all these aspects on the other hand there is time management. Increase in traffic will definitely take place. The time of students going home after completion of exam and students arriving to examination hall may collide, which may cause inconvenience to students along with public.

“By conducting Class 12 and 10 exams on the same day we can reduce the examination period and provide more time to the evaluators,” a senior board official stated.

The proposal is already out and decision is yet to come from the CBSE which is the biggest and first education board in India.