Google shortcuts to provide quick information in a single tap

Google shortcuts

On Thursday, Google had introduced latest search app. Users can now find trappable Google shortcuts enabling quick access to information like cricket scores, weather, nearby restaurants, ATMs, grocery shops and more.

These Google shortcuts are available just below the home screen of the search bar. With just a single click you can get quick access to essential information. If you want to find nearest ATMs, Groceries shops or to find out latest movies now Google will help you to find out just by sitting at home.

A statement was given by Google “Starting today [July 21] in India, doing a search for many types of events on the Google mobile search app and mobile web will bring up a concise summary of events and activities from favorite sites from across the internet like, All,, and,”

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Recently in last month, Google had updated search engine for users to discover, promote and attend favorite events in cities. Now you can get quick access to everything .even you are willing to play games like “Tic-tac-toe,” “Roll a dice” “Cards” etc. anything can be accessed here.

When you open search engine, you will find few Google shortcuts at the bottom of the search bar. For more, you can click on the right arrow which is on the left side of the shortcuts.

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Now you can go on vacation with one tap access; Google will help you to book flights tickets and reservations. As soon as you there will also be a guide to help you to see the location.

Google had also developed guidelines to help users to know developers formats. So they can quickly look for activities and events on Google.