Indian Telecom Sector to furnish 30 lakh placements by 2018

Indian Telecom sector is all set to provide about 30 lakh jobs by 2018 says the new study. The rapid growth in technology is going to create numerous jobs to the engineers.Telecom sector refers to the companies that provide communication globally like phones, the internet, wireless operators and satellite communication. According to the study carried out the launch of 4G technology, increase in consumption of data, an introduction of new players into the market, the growth of digital wallets, increase in smartphone sales is going create the employment to youth in India.

For the software companies launching new technologies like 5G, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and M2M are going to create jobs for around 8,70,000 students by 2021 says Assocham-KPMG study. Now the companies software engineers. Graduates who are good in programming will be preferred. So the requirement of man power will be large in future. Having Telecom skills will be a plus point for the job seekers in the running period.

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The study informed that “There is a need to bridge the gap in skill which on the one hand would require identification of skilled manpower in diverse roles such as infra and cyber security experts, application developers, sales executives, infrastructure technicians, handset technicians, etc. As well as on the other hand re-skilling of existing manpower working on existing technologies for them to be updated with upcoming requirements.”

The telecom sector has grown at 19.6 per cent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) regarding subscriber base and 7.07 per cent CAGR from a revenue perspective for last a few years.

The increase in technology also needs technical developers for providing service to the user. The user always wants the best, and the technology always tries to serve the best. In this cycle graduates and skilled software, employees are going to benefit. For that telecom industry is acting as the best platform to provide employment and improve the technology in the country.

The study also stated “TSPs (telecom service providers) have continued to invest in their networks and modernize their existing network infrastructure. Operators capital expenditure investments stand at Rs.85,003 crore during Q1 2017, and the below figure depicts the significant capital expenditure investment during the period 2012- 2016.”This would be the best opportunity for the upcoming graduates to grab it.