These unhealthy foods are actually very healthy!

Do you know these unhealthy foods actually help you in losing weight? World is raving about fitness, healthy lifestyle and fad diets, but the awareness about food is too low. According to a research, potatoes, banana, peanut butter and eggs are not as bad as you think and might actually be healthy. While potatoes are commonly considered fattening, but are actually loaded with essential nutrients, peanut butter helps in satiating and controlling weight. In fact a number of other foods like chocolates, banana, red wine, ghee, are loaded with health benefits and should essentially be a part of your daily diet. If you are suffering from an ailment like diabetes, heart trouble or are trying to lose weight, you can still have them. The key is moderation. This will not just help you get nutrients from these foods, but will also help you lose weight and become healthy. So, before deciding on shunning any food from your list, just remember, you don’t have to give up anything and all you have to do is to limit your portion size.