APK May 19, 2016

In the Assam Elections 2016 Results, BJP gets the clear majority to form the government on its won. Sarbananda Sonowal will be sworn in as the Cheif minister for the state.

Assam Elections 2016 Results has turned the fortunes of the parties in Assam. The BJP has got a clear majority to form the government. Out of the 126 seats, 81 seats were bagged by the BJP led alliance. This made the party capture the Cheif Minister seat of the state. Actually, only 64 seats are needed for proving majority.

Earlier, the Congress-led government ruled the state. But, the Assam Elections 2016 Resulted in the change of power. The outgoing Cheif Minister Tarun Gogoi. The new party and the new person will be heading the state from now.

The BJP has secured enough assembly seats and no support is needed to form the government in the state. BJP party alone can form the government. Sarbananda Sonowal will be sworn in as the new Cheif minister for the state from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

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The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has campaigned in the state vigorously. The Congress has lost yet another state of ruling. Since the BJP government at the Center has come into power, the Congress party is loosing the power in all the state general elections held. As a part of the defeats, Assam Elections 2016 Results has added to the list. Follow us for more updates.

Here is the tweet of Narendra Modi:

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