Anand November 12, 2015

Chennai: Veteran Scientist P M Bhargava wrote to Indian president Pranab Mukherjee on Beef matter. He said, even in ancient Ayurveda, Beef is recommended for some disorders.

The Beef issue has turned hard present days because some people want to eat it and some not. Veteran scientist P M Bhargava wrote to President Pranab Mukherjee that no bar on beef according to ancient Indian scriptures and it was also compulsory.

He also added on the letter that beef uses to heal for some disorders suggested by Ayurvedic Acharya Charaka. Bhargava who is 87 years old returns his Padma Bhushan award when got in 1986. The decision of Bhargava has been reported.

We know that he is director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology. As per present situation of protest against rising intolerance in the country he has mentioned.

“The cow flesh is useful for those persons who are suffering from loss of flesh disorders because of vayu, rhinitis, dry cough, irregular fever, fatigue and sometimes as per hard manual labour the excessive appetite will come” added Bhargava.

He also points that Modi government is the least knowledgeable about science. Bhargava is a 65 years experienced profession scantiest and attended occasion which was held at Centre since Independence for work together on matters of science with the government.

According to all this kind of discussion by many professionals, at last beef is going to be preferred for using Ayurveda medicines. Even some doctors also suggested that beef is also useful for healing some diseases’.

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