Ravalika Medipally February 5, 2015

Delhi campaign introduced by BJP came to an end today with a super boom. The national party will embrace 70 rallies in New Delhi’s 70 assembly constituencies, as it holds a tender to get the power back after 16 years.

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi along with the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi and the other leaders of the party gave a wave to the people as the last rally is happening today in the capital city. On behalf of those occasions which were held out through the week, the national party leaders took some oaths to approve. Here are some of the latest improvements they are going to introduce in the country for the development.


  • Chief of BJP, Amit Shah has given a word on behalf of the party and file that they will disregard the opinion polls which have identified primarily in capital city for Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party. He told them to show the internal surveys as the BJP is winning.
  • On previous day, on his last rally, Prime Minister Narendra Modi too released the opinion polls as “lies,” reminding voters that few polls had identified which he would misplace in Varanasi to Mr Kejriwal in the national elections last year. Mr Modi won with a large count.
  • The 69 BJP candidates have been told to hold road shows in the constituencies they are contesting and create straight get in touch with the voters today.
  • The party, which had got all seven Delhi seats in the national elections in the previous year, has conditioned its seven MPs to be importantly present at the road shows in their areas.
  • An army of central ministers and MPs organized for the previous week by Amit Shah in a re-calibrated strategy will also be out of the disturbance today in total potency.
  • Mr Shah will address two road shows, one of them in Sadar Bazar, the constituency from where the Congress’ chief ministerial candidate, Ajay Maken is participating. PM Modi addressed four road shows in five days.
  • The BJP’s presumptive chief minister Kiran Bedi will hold a rally in north-west Delhi’s Mangolpuri and close by areas, before asset one in her constituency, Krishna Nagar.
  • Although a collective of three main opinion polls showed AAP grazing the previous halfway mark former this week, one more set of opinion polls view the BJP forward, signifying a secure finish when votes are counted on Tuesday next.
  • Mr Shah said that the BJP is in a path of fight with AAP and will figure out the government in Delhi outing the leadership of PM Narendra Modi and the work done by his management at the axis.

The campaign which was started on last Saturday’s Delhi assembly elections will came to an end today. The entire party can promote in the event till 6 pm. On Saturday morning, the voting will begin at 8’O clock.

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