Ravalika Medipally December 27, 2014

“Might be wandering what is Boxing Day? Why people call it so. Repose doesn’t get confused with the stated title. This special day is celebrated across world with joy and fun.”

On Christ birth people express their joy to celebrate “Christmas” (Xmas) is held on 25 December every year. Xmas has much more fascinating history to rejoice by originating Christmas tree along with candles, gifts, Santa and more. The day after Xmas traditionally celebrated as “Boxing Day” i.e., on 26 December, it’s a public holiday. On this national holiday people hangout with their family, relatives and friends to spend time have fun.

What is Boxing Day?

Day after Christmas called Boxing Day. There is another history behind the day for celebrating. The boxes located or placed in churches by parishioners who put down coins, money for the poor is opened on ‘Boxing Day’ and distributed on 26th. The master, boss presents this “Christmas Box” to their servants or employees. People go home to give boxes to families.

When is this?

  • In UK it is called as Bank Holiday
  • Traditionally it is celebrated on 26th December also called St. Stephen’s Day. Suppose if 26th is Sunday then it is moved to 27 December.
  • If 26 December is Saturday, the bank holiday moved to Monday

Who Celebrates Boxing Day?

Christmas is celebrated globally; obviously ‘Boxing Day’ is also celebrated globally in Great British, US, Canada, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

What we will do on Boxing Day – Activities

The day is also known as Shopping holiday, the time spending with family, friends members who all are not meet on Christmas. The most popular sport on this day is horse racing, football, fox hunting. The food and drink on the day is more relaxed usually hangout over to buffet to take lunch. Often meat, cake, brandy butter, snack and drinks.

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