Swathi November 5, 2017

Believe it or not, everyone has an artistic mind, and one need to have a proper support to express it. We are all well aware of the fact that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started Swachh Bharat Mission with an aim to keep the surroundings clean and hygiene.

Taking it as an inspiration, this Hyderabad based guy has built a bus stop using 1000 plastic water bottles and caught everyone’s attention. This recycles bus stop using plastic bottles was sheltered with green bamboo shoots. The man behind this idea is Mr.Prashanth Lingam, who is the founder of Bamboo House India. He is the one conceptualized and built this bus stop.  It constructed in Swaroopnagar colony in Hyderabad.

Reported by a leading news channel, this news came into limelight yesterday. Speaking to the media, Prashanth stated that he used only recycled plastic bottles to construct the eco-friendly bus stop, even though they cost more than the original one. He bought all these plastic bottles from a scrap dealer, and the height of the shelter is 8 foot and balanced with a metal frame. It was built in just two to three days with a workforce of 20 members.

Each recycled bottle cost around Rs. 1.40 and the total cost is Rs. 15000. According to his estimation, a proper bus stop costs around Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs. One more interesting feature of this bus stop is it can be easily dismantled.

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