Rama Krishna August 8, 2016

New Delhi, Aug 8: Casio India on Monday introduced three new projector models that promise to reduce the power consumption by up to 50 percent and feature a dust-resistance design to ease the maintenance.


Part of its EcoLite series of LampFree projectors, the devices come with Casio’s 5th generation laser and LED hybrid light source technology.

While XJ-V2 is priced at Rs 56,995, XJ-V100W comes at Rs 74,995 and XJ-V110W costs Rs 79,995.

“The new models are ideal for a variety of applications, especially for schools, institutions, and offices which want to upgrade to the greener technology,” said Kulbhushan Seth, Vice President of Casio India, in a statement.

XJ-V2 features 1.1x optical zoom, produces 3000 lumens of brightness and has XGA (1024×768) resolution.

XJ-V100W comes with 1.5x optical zoom, produces 3000 lumens of brightness and features WXGA (1200×800) resolution.

XJ-V110W features 1.5x optical zoom, produces 3500 lumens of brightness and boasts WXGA (1200×800) resolution.

The models come with a three-year warranty on main projector unit, along with a five-year or 10,000-hour warranty on the laser and LED hybrid light source.

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