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Ravalika Medipally February 4, 2015

Ambanis Group, Reliance Industries is trying their luck in banking Sector, it joined in a list of companies that are going to apply to set up a banking network across India. Mukesh Ambani, in a press release said that Reliance will join with India’s largest bank, State Bank of India if they get a license to run […]

Ravalika Medipally February 3, 2015

The current government is aiming to raise 5K crore rupees which is about $813.4 million by retailing the extra funded units to purchase the public sector company’s shares that will increase the endeavour to spruce its shortage. On Wednesday, a senior official with knowledge of policymakers’ discussions said that the developing country India aims to […]

Ravalika Medipally January 21, 2015

Roughly in custody, the IMF forecasts for India stabilized, IMF on January 20th proposed that growing from 5.8 percent in 2014; the Asian economy will increase at 6.3 percent in 2015 and the 6.5 percent in 2016. Like the World Bank, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has also decreased the growth targets in global wide for […]

Ravalika Medipally January 19, 2015

Third largest software corporation, Wipro surged nearly 8 percent growth when compared to prior year. The consolidated profit was raised-up in the October-December quarter. On Monday India’s largest multinational IT services company Wipro rallies over 7.8 percent in trade since July 2013 i.e., post third quarter. The overall performance in revenue was turn down from […]

Ravalika Medipally January 9, 2015

CommonFloor which asserts to be India’s major online real estate platform that has raised hidden sum of funding from Google Capital’s 3rd investment in Asia from the firm, which centers the growth level, launched in February. While the company is not so close to the quantum of the deal, the public in the discern put the […]

Ravalika Medipally January 7, 2015

Larry Page named as fortune’s business person of year on basis of various factors. He is vying out with top 20 global corporate leaders in terms of leaderships, performance, returns and lot more significant factors. This year CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and Co-founder of Google emerges fortune’s business person of the year 2014. Simply stating […]

Ravalika Medipally December 29, 2014

“The most objected thing by the nation is adopting the extra charges by the telecom operators. Now, Airtel did the same which lead to the issue throughout the nation on Airtel VoIP plans.” The very foremost telecom player, Bharti Airtel has a step lead on everyone’s foot. It has been backtracked on its both prepaid and post-paid […]