Health News

Rama Krishna July 22, 2016

Bhubaneswar:  The Malnutrition Deaths of at least 20 children due to malnourishment in Nagada village in mineral-rich Jajpur district in the last four months may have exposed the development claims of the Odisha government. The acute poverty and lack of basic welfare services in the inaccessible village, inhabited by Juang tribes, came to fore only […]

Rama Krishna July 22, 2016

New York:  While the HIV epidemic continues to threaten health and well-being of a large section of the world’s population, scientists have warned that new forms of the virus jumping from animals to humans cannot be ruled out. The suggestion stems from a study in which the scientists discovered the first in vivo evidence that […]

Rama Krishna May 12, 2016

On Monday National Academy of Sciences, researches have developed a new way to store the samples of blood by using Silk Cocoons. Actually, the doctors take the blood samples for analysis and the sample either is immediately examined or refrigerated. Because the proteins in the blood may destroy by an enzyme or deformed by heat. Researchers […]

APK May 4, 2016

Nihal Bitla who was suffering from a rare genetic disorder Progeria died on Monday due to severe sun heat. Progeria or Hutchinson – Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS) is the rare disease that causes an individual grow eight times faster than a normal human being does. Nihal Bitla was 15 years old and lived in Karim Nagar, […]

Rama Krishna March 12, 2016

According to Scientists, research women need more sleep those men because the female brain works harder during the day. Scientist found that women “One of the major functions of sleep is to allow the brain to recover and repair itself. During deep sleep, the part of the brain responsible for thought, memory, engages from the […]

Nikhil December 14, 2015

Fish is a nutritious food, being rich in protein, vitamins and minerals which are significant to maintain good health. As compared to Beef and Pork, it has much lower in fat, cholesterol and calories. Whereas, not all fish are the same, if you want more info then check the 3 Reasons to Stop Eating Tilapia. […]

Anand November 12, 2015

Chennai: Veteran Scientist P M Bhargava wrote to Indian president Pranab Mukherjee on Beef matter. He said, even in ancient Ayurveda, Beef is recommended for some disorders. The Beef issue has turned hard present days because some people want to eat it and some not. Veteran scientist P M Bhargava wrote to President Pranab Mukherjee that […]

Anand November 12, 2015

Dubai: Saudi Arabia’s two hospitals i.e. King Fahd Armed Forces and Prince Sulthan Cardiac Center have successfully implementing world’s smallest pacemaker in five patients as per media report. Arab News report added that Fayez Boukhair and Raed Sweidan, electrophysiologists at KFAFH and Ahmad AI-Fagih and Khaled Dagriri, consultant electrophysiologists at PSCC successfully applied the devices […]

Anand November 12, 2015

A research report by Dr. Fadel Zeidan reveals that doing mindfulness meditation can reduce mind emotional pain up to 44 percent. Se complete report here. Dr. Fadel Zeidan has studied mindfulness for 15 years and observed how to improve the health with mediation. He is working at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center of Anatomy and Neurobiology. […]

Anand November 12, 2015

A woman who has 45 years age died in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial government hospital on Tuesday with H1N1 influenza i.e. swine flu at the time of undergoing treatment. According to officials, four days ago she had fever, sore throat, cough and the respiratory problem at Deputy Directorate of Public Health, Vasan Nagar Nagakanni. First she […]