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Sriram Kasireddy July 25, 2015

Hyderabad: DJ Equipment is banned for upcoming festivals in Hyderabad; city police took this decision and passed these orders in order to avoid sound pollution. Hyderabad City Police has recently passed orders to ban DJ equipment for forthcoming festivals in complete city. A meeting was held with all the DJ suppliers and North Zone Deputy […]

Alekya Ettaboina July 25, 2015

Hyderabad: 39 female victims including 8 minors have been rescued by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) from a group of human trafficking at Gowtham Nagar, Chandrapur district in Maharashtra. The Crime Investigation Department of Telangana police have arrested the 44 alleged human traffickers who involved in sex racket and saved 39 women including eight minor […]

Sriram Kasireddy July 24, 2015

Nagpur, July 24: FDA Tobacco inspection bagged Rs 3 lakh worth products in Nagpur for Kharra Free Maharashtra on ban of Gutka, Kharra and Pan Masala in State. Recently, State government has passed a rule for renewal of ban on Gutka, Kharra and Pan Masala. The govt termed it as “Kharra Free Maharashtra” and Harshdeep […]

Aswitha Marthala June 8, 2015

New Delhi June, 8: Arguments concerning the constitutional validity of the National Judicial Appointment Commission (NJAC) act will be resuming at Supreme Court on Monday. Earlier the Center’s appeal against the NJAC act which is responsible for the appointment and transfer of judges to the higher Judiciary in India was rejected by the five-judge constitution […]

Aswitha Marthala June 8, 2015

Hyderabad June, 8: Telangana Patta Distribution to be finished for Hyderabad today. CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao has launched the Patta distribution event for beneficiaries across the state on Friday. The state government distributes the less than 125 square yards of government land under GO 58 to beneficiaries. And the government had selected the 16,000 relatives in […]

Alekya Ettaboina May 28, 2015

India, May 28: PMO India website has been revealed with more interactive options on the first anniversary of Narendra Modi Government where, Central Govt has unveiled the new look of website yesterday. The Prime Minister of India website will provide the information about details of prime minister latest updates, quotes, and news reports and his speeches. When Narendra […]

Sriram Kasireddy April 20, 2015

Hyderabad: In Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) area, Road Transport Authority (RTA) is planning for verification process of new autos that were registered previously. The Road Transport Authority (RTA) is planning to start verification process from Wednesday around 5,942 appropriate applications in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) area for persons who want to purchase […]

Sriram Kasireddy April 3, 2015

India: A record online train ticket bookings of Indian Railways took place that 13.45 lakh tickets were sold out for a new rule that is added on April 1. A new rule added to Indian Railways yesterday that passengers need to book tickets 120 days in advance and it is recorded as 13.45 lakh rail tickets […]

Sriram Kasireddy April 2, 2015

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu at a meeting by State Cabinet announced Amaravati as the new capital of Andhra Pradesh. CM,  Chandrababu Naidu took the decision of making Amaravati as the new capital of Andhra Pradesh has been taken in the State Cabinet meeting that was conducted recently. “In today’s meet we decided to name Amaravati […]

Ravalika Medipally March 12, 2015

Bollywood ‘rock on’ hero, Arjun Rampal lashed out at the media for creating the fake divorce rumours on him with his wife, Mehr Jesia. They are still together! Very well known Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal who was famed now in his ongoing hit movie ‘Roy‘, has encountered with the fake rumours about his marital relationship with […]