Ravalika Medipally February 25, 2015

On Tuesday, a coal ministry official said that the second round of auction of 21 coal blocks, programmed for Wednesday that might be alleged on March 4th.

Government of India has turned the second segment of auction or the sale of 21 coal blocks to the starting of next month. The sale of mines in the second tranche was primarily scheduled to start from the next day after the issue has decided to launch over the space. A Coal Ministry official said, “The auctions (of second lot of coal mines will) begin on March 4.”

Primarily, government has let out about 19 coal blocks in the very beginning lot of coal auctions. The sale of the initial phase which started on February 14th was finished on Sunday. The sale runs over the Supreme Court choice in the previous year to let out the distribution of 204 coal mines.

Mines which provide the chance for schedule III are Brinda and Sisai mines in Jharkhand, Durgapur and Taraimar coal blocks in Chhattisgarh, Jamkhani coal block in Odisha, Lohari mine in Jharkhand, Marki Mangli-IV mine in Maharashtra, Nerad Malegaon in Maharastra, Dongrital II (Phase I) mine in MP, Ganeshpur mine in Jharkhand, Jitpur mine in Jharkhand and Mandakini A mine in Odisha.

Some various mines on sale are Meral coal block in Jharkhand, Rohne Coal Block in Jharkhand, Utkal C in Odisha, Dumri Block in Jharkhand, Gare Palma IV/8 in Chhattisgarh, Kosara Dongargaon mine in Maharashtra, Mandla South coal block in MP, Moitra coal mine in Jharkhand and Tare mine in Chhattisgarh.

Government has got about 130 initial bids from the private sectors such as Essar Power, Hindalco, Adani Power and Jindal Power for 21 coal blocks on tender in the second tranche of in progress mart. The coal marts in the initial phase will obtain the states for about Rs 1 lakh crore.

Swarup had formerly gave information that from the coal block auctions, Chhattisgarh will attain the maximum Rs 47,552 crore, to Madhya Pradesh Rs 35,588 crore and to Jharkhand Rs 12,622 crore. “States like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal, and MP to benefit the most out of e-auction proceeds,” Swarup tweeted saying that Rs 1.09 lakh crore of e-auction and Rs 12.8K crore for states in coming years (about 30).

The private sectors which have carried the blocks in the initial phase contain Reliance Cement, GMR Chhattisgarh, Hindalco, Sunflag Iron and Steel, Jaiprakash Associates, Jaiprakash Power Ventures, OCL Iron and Steel, Bharat Aluminium, Essar Power MP, Jindal Power and UltraTech Cement.

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