Ravalika Medipally May 13, 2015

Amritsar, May 12: One more plastic baby was born in Amritsar to a woman who belongs to Rajansansi. She has given birth to a collodion baby who looks like a rubber doll and recorded as the second case in past two consecutive years.

Birth of such babies is rare and it occurs in among six lakh new-borns and chances of being alive of plastic baby are very rare. Doctors of Guru Nanak Dev Medical College and Hospital in Amritsar had examined the baby and they discharged on Monday.

The new born babies who look like a rubber doll are scientifically known as Collodion babies. The baby is born with tight, waxy, skin resembling plastic, and mouth like fish with red hot eyes and lips and baby is even not able to take fed from her mother. This is caused rare because of inherited genetic disorder, which is called as Lamellar Ichthyosis.

The Doctors at Guru Nanak Dev Hospital who treated the baby said that “the baby has thick skin, and this is a permanent skin condition with pain, the survival of such babies is between 15 and 20%”.

Earlier 2014 a plastic baby was born in the civil hospital but died within few days, this is the second such baby born in Amritsar.

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