Alekya Ettaboina July 28, 2015

Gujarat, July 28: Gujarat state government has announced notification in Ahmedabad to make voting compulsory in local body elections, with this it becomes first state to have a provision for compulsory voting.

Gujarat state government has issued a statement in Ahmedabad to making voting is required for the people of state during elections. The state government has announced this notification under the controversial Gujarat Local Authorities Laws Act 2009.

As per this notification, now onwards people of state should have to use their vote during elections for municipal corporations, municipalities and all village panchayats. The notification was issued today by the Gujarat State Urban Development and Urban Housing Department.

As per the act, state government will take punitive action against people those who failed to vote without any valid reason. However it not announced, what punishment would be meted out to voters those who failed to use their vote. The state government is also issued one more notification, to making voting compulsory for local body elections.

As per latest act people who failed to vote in local body elections will face disqualification. Gujarat Governor O P Kohli had approved the act according to the Gujarat Local Authorities Laws bill 2009 in November 2014, with today’s announcement the act come into effect from now onwards.

The local body polls in the state are likely to be held in the month of September and October, in large scale elections are going to be held for 253 municipalities, 208 taluka panchayats, 26 district panchayats and six municipal corporations.

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