Alekya Ettaboina July 24, 2015

New Delhi: Air Pollution in Delhi kills around 80 people every day, the alarming figure was disclosed by Union Environment ministry in a written reply in Rajya Sabha.

Air pollution is not only harmful it will also kill the people. As per recent international study Delhi’s poor air quality killing around 80 people every day. The alarming number was announced by the Union Environment ministry in a written reply in Rajya Sabha.

Environmental minister Prakash Javdekar said that “According to the recent international study foul air is killing 80 people daily in Delhi. The numbers of early deaths given in the study are based on the constructive estimates and extrapolations of Data”.

The Delhi government sponsored for two studies such as Epidemiological Study on Effects of Air Pollution on Human Health in Delhi’ during 2002-2005 and ‘Study on Ambient Air Quality, Respiratory Symptoms and Lung Function of Children in Delhi’ during 2003-2005, based on this results, it was declared that, around 80 people are killing due to poor quality air at Delhi.

He added that “the studies indicate that pollution damages the chromosomes and DNA and it is reason for other health damages. The Air pollution increases the risk of various diseases including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases”.

World Health Organization (WHO) has announced since 2011 that, people at Delhi are facing heart stroke, lung disease and cancer due to the breathing poor quality air and experts says that breathing of Delhi Air for 24 hours is equivalent to smoking of 10 cigarettes a day.

In the month of April, the Delhi government has announced a three-month action plan to fight with pollution in Delhi and also launched the Air quality index on 6th April to monitor quality in 10 cities.

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