Rama Krishna December 16, 2015

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has decided to pass a moratorium to ban all cars, trucks of diesel make and engine displacement of 2000 CC or more in New Delhi effectively till 31st March 2016. This will reduce air pollution to a large extent is what the Supreme Court.

The apex court also observed that diesel make cars are producing 23% more pollution and carcinogens than petrol make cars and hence the court passed a law stating banning all diesel make cars above 2000 CC. However cars that are already registered can run on roads.

New Delhi currently has 8,500,000 cars on road with 1500 cars adding up everyday on the road. A lot of these cars are over 2000 CC and diesel make. This law will effect luxury carmakers like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi which manufactures cars which have minimum engine displacement of 2000 CC.

Indian carmakers such as Mahindra and Mahindra, TATA will also be affected. Their top selling cars like Scorpio, Safari, Bolero etc will have to be banned from selling.

The court also imposed laws where “No trucks will be allowed into New Delhi if they are not carrying any goods which are for the city”. Also trucks entering New Delhi will have to pay a environment tax which is hiked 100%.

The apex court has laid down a bunch of rules if diesel cars have to be sold again such as changes in EURO IV engine to make it more environment friendly. Other laws include all taxis plying in the National Capital Region NCR like OLA, Uber, Sky Cabs etc will have to change to CNG from their existing engines.

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