Alekya Ettaboina August 19, 2015

India: Direct-to-Home, DTH Service provider Dish TV has launched a home video system DishFix with which a feast of films can be watched without ad breaks.

Direct-to-Home service provider Dish TV has launched new service home video system DishFix on Tuesday to cash in on the demand of movie enthusiasts. The new service DishFix is a video on demand service, that can be plugged into a Dish TV set-top box and it will be pre-loaded with 50 films of Bollywood and Hollywood. For every month it will be updated with 15 new movies on a first-in-first out basis and the available movie library of Dish fix will be regularly updated.

The new service DishFix Box is available at a price Rs. 5,990 and the subscription for the service will be about Rs.100 per month. DishFix is a highly discriminated and consumer friendly product, the direct-to-home service provider took two and a half years’ time to develop this product, it will offer 230 movies to a customer in a year.

DishFlix hardware, a 1 TB hard drive, will be fixed to a Dish TV connection and it cannot be used with others Dish TV subscriptions. With this new service customers can watch a movie without advertisements in their own space and is a safe alternative for pirated internet downloads. The company is expected that, the new service DishFix will receive good response from consumers in cities as well as smaller town, who do not have proper internet access.

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