Rama Krishna April 27, 2016

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton scored huge victories at Northeastern states on Tuesday.

inline_65_http://indread.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Donald-Trump-Swept-and-Clinton-Scored-on-Tuesday.jpgDonald Trump and Hillary Clinton scored huge victories Tuesday that bring them closer to a monumental duel for the White House in the fall. Trump easily defeated rivals John Kasich and Ted Cruz in all five states that held contests, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode, and Delaware. Clinton, already in control of the Democratic race, defeated challenger Bernie Sanders in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Her only loss of the night was to Sanders in Rhode Island.

Trump has done well among lower-income voters and voters with only high school diplomas or less. But he performed well in the Northeastern region, which is the most highly educated in the country and also was strong across income levels.

Clinton’s strong showing in the Democratic race added to the pressure on Sanders to get out of the race or ease his criticism of her. Clinton’s victories on Tuesday gave her 2,141 delegates, according to the AP, pushing her closer to the 2,383 needed for the nomination. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid told reporters earlier on Tuesday he did not think Sanders, a U.S. senator from Vermont, had a realistic path to winning the nomination.

In their victory speeches, both Trump and Clinton clearly were looking ahead to a general election contest each expects will involve the other.


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