Ravalika Medipally January 7, 2015

Making trails on an Ebola drug at Medicines Sans Frontieres center operated by doctors in Liberia. More than 8000 people killed against disease, hopefully this clinical treatment aids to cure deadly virus outbreak.

Ebola drug latest news! A clinical anti-viral drug trial has started at major health centres for Ebola disease. ELWA 3, Medicines sans frontieres centers are determining to treat for this fatal disease and underway medical drug trials. This virus has already passed death toll to worst hit of 8000 people in Liberia (West Africa). Drugs, vaccines and blood products are being tried against the disease.

The virus effects human body which spreads in population very rapidly. It is transmitted from wild animals to human-to-human. Doctors are going ahead and started research over vaccination against the disease.

“It must be stressed that it is not a miracle cure and it is still not known whether it will help patients survive the virus,” the medical charity said in announcing the start of the drug trial in Liberia.

Ebola drug name “Brincidofovir” is an antiviral drug developed to treat several types of viruses. It acts as potential prevention for life threatening viral diseases. Recent study reported, Not only ‘brincidofovir’ is useful for Ebola there are another drug named ZMapp aids to heal all 18 monkeys infected with deadly virus.

Prof Peter Horby, one of the chief investigators at Oxford University, said: “Conducting clinical trials of investigational drugs in the midst of a humanitarian crisis is a new experience for us all, but we are determined not to fail the people of West Africa.

Brincidofovir has been tested in humans for viruses outside of Ebola. This antiviral vaccine is in Phase 3 clinical testing against CMV (cytomegalovirus) and adenovirus. Till dated the tablets are available for immediate use in clinical trails.

Scientists at Oxford say brincidofovir was chosen because it is effective against Ebola-infected cells in laboratories, has been deemed safe in more than 1,000 patients in trials against other viruses and can be given conveniently as a tablet.

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