Alekya Ettaboina July 28, 2015

Facebook has announced new online platform to join more mobile operators in, which is a project about to bring Internet access to poorly connected parts of world.

The major social networking site Facebook has introduced one year ago, to allow the users to make basic online services. It was first launched in Africa, now it is available in 17 countries including India. Earlier it was operated with selected operators, and now it announced a dedicated portal, where more operators can sign up. turns one year old this week, the company has planned to make it easier for more mobile operator to participate in the project. For this it has launched online portal, where mobile operators can find technical tools and best practices to get started.

So, far Facebook has been functioning with dozen operators in 17 countries, to provide an app which gives free internet access for basic internet services. This app will offer basic version of Facebook access and other free services like weather reports, health information and services for finding jobs. app is the most tangible element in Facebook, to develop internet access and it services throughout the World it is also using satellites, drones and lasers which can generate internet singles through space to bring more people online. As per the date of International Telecommunication Union, 4.2 billion people are using internet access and roughly 7.4 billion people are still at offline by the end of the year.

Facebook still requiring all providers to offer free internet services to people, the company is also opened the platform to any low-bandwidth service that meets certain technical guidelines.

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