Prem Chand October 24, 2016
Facebook Translates a Hindi Expletive to Muslim and Need to Get Its Shit Together

The social giant Facebook has gone for a blunder bug fix to the Muslim cuss word “Madarchod.” FB recently offered translations of regional language sentences to English for the convenience of users. It all went wrong when the translation of some words and sentences are flagged faulty.

The rage and criticism raised when the Facebook translated the word “Madarchod” as “Muslim.” The sentence in Devanagari script was ‘Maro Madarchod’ which means ‘Die Motherfucker’ but this word after translation turned out to appear as ‘Die Muslim.’ Many users had shared their screenshots of the translation when they tested on their profiles. This Hindi expletive has raised a serious debate at International media.

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The Indian Muslim felt hard when they had faced this embarrassing moment on the social media. As many socio-political things are happening around the globe with targeting the Muslim countries on the issues like terrorism, war, peace destruction, etc. These inadvertent errors on social networking sites could heat and provoke religious riots further.

Facebook had later changed that abusing word to ‘Idiot’ and gave an explanation that it was a system bug which resulted in translations of profane words incorrectly. The statement of FB read “The translation of posts happens using an automated system. Our translations team looked into the issue, and in this case found a bug in the way our system filters profanity that caused a portion of the post to be translated incorrectly. The team has corrected the translation, and is actively working on new ways to ensure that bad translations like this happen as infrequently as possible.”

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There may be a threat of social boycott for FB by a large communal group as Facebook was famous among Muslims. Moreover, earlier there was already an opinion for blocking Facebook by the Middle East people after Danish newspaper controversy.

This slip was a quite surprising as Facebook is very keen about its principles and policies.

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