Rajesh September 17, 2016

Cinema has come a long way since the inception of films by legendary actors Prithviraj Kapoor who acted in the movie Alam Ara in 1931 which was the first talkie film in India. His screen dominance captured the attention of viewers, and his legacy truly evolved by the sheer brilliance of his son Raj Kapoor who took Indian Cinema to a whole new level.

With the rise of Bollywood industry, the regional industries found a way in the limelight as well. While some of the regional film industries have shown excellent contribution to Cinema, in general, such as the Tamil and Telugu industries.

The recent and most upcoming is Bhojpuri industry which is currently valued at over 2500 Crores INR. The first ever Bhojpuri Rap song introduced by an already declared SUPERSTAR “Gangster Yadav aka Chandan Rai” has brought a storm between the music lovers.

Recently released song of Gangster Yadav got thousands of views in just a few hours of its release. Never expected from Bhojpuri cinema to take the music at this much level, but this talented young singer seems to have nailed it with his recent release song ‘Gangster Yadav feat Jadu Jatt feat Karan Dogra.”

The music has carried away the music lovers with its beat. The crowd seems happy with the song, and the feedback was too good on the very first day. The crowd already declared ‘Gangster Yadav’ the next superstar of Bhojpuri Industry.  These guys have actually done something which no one expected from Bhojpuri music. Kudos to this talented young for his Bhojpuri Rap Song.

Evolution of India’s finest Music Industry

Bhojpuri cinema has seen firepower and exceptional contribution from actors such as Ravi Kissen who is a well know face in Bollywood. And also Sachin, Manoj Tiwari who appeared on the reality TV show Bigg Boss with Salman Khan being the host. Many other such legends who stand as concrete pillars of the rising Bhojpuri industry.

We have seen Bhojpuri (the language) adapted in Rajkumar Hirani’s PK starring the superstar of Bollywood Aamir Khan who flaunted incredible dialogues in Bhojpuri, thus making the movie a memorable one. Bhojpuri has been well adapted in many other award winning movies with the Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan and Big B the legend Amitabh Bachchan pitching the most popular dialogues ever in Bhojpuri which made an immediate impact and loved by one and all.

Thus Bhojpuri as a language is very sweet and entertaining. Moreover, it brings to the table a huge audience who simply enjoy the enthusiasm, excitement, and freshness of the language which has such beautiful vibrancy such as the colors we see in the Holi festival.

Now, Bollywood has got another unique concept for the movies that they can borrow from Bhojpuri music industry that is Rap. Recently, Gangster Yadav has blown away the entire industry and music lovers with his recently released Bhojpuri Rap Song ‘Gagster Yadav feat Jadu Jatt feat Karan Dogra’.

We hope to see something spectacular in coming future when Bollywood adapts something like this rap song in upcoming projects.

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