Swathi May 9, 2017

Technology is taking the world to a whole new level. Technology is to connect people. But nowadays it has become a need. Narendra Modi started the concept of Make India Digital and a family in Uttar Pradesh took this very seriously and organized a marriage online. Recently a Muslim girl from marriage online via video-conference.

The girl belongs to the Shamli district in UP. The clerics solemnized their marriage sitting here and the guy following the rituals there in Saudi via video call.

The both families met and agreed to schedule the wedding on 5th of May. But due to some problems, the boy failed to come to India to attend his wedding. Instead of postponing the marriage, they might have thought that marrying them using technology will be a good plan and implemented it.

Bride’s Father Rehan stated that as his son-in-law Mohammed Abid could not arrive before the date, they invited the clerics home and performed the marriage with the use of technology.

 The marriage got conducted on Monday morning, and they made it as a small event with only the parents of the both sides including the bride and groom.

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