Soumya Ranjan February 9, 2015

Google Ride Hailing Service in on the way to be launched intended towards taking on Uber instead of investing in it more by offering its own similar product. Get the complete news on Lyft, Sidecar and all the other ride-sharing services.

Ride Hailing Service from Google to Take on Uber

Google announced in having a plan to hold on to the ‘Uber’ with the provision type of ride-hailing service. Even the tech gaint Google gonna launch it for soon or some way fall to the very bottom line, the idea is that at one point Google will need to use its driverless car system to have a proficient work in the service.

A blasting report on Monday said to the world, “Uber executives learned of the company’s apparent plan from David Drummond, the Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development, who also happens to be an Uber board member.” He also added that it is more than enough if he is now ok with the Uber in considering in the version of hailing an option to the Google executive to resign.

The invention of Google introducing a competitive provision may look complicated to a few, mainly when you think about that Google Ventures, the company’s venture capital arm, has put a large sum of money into Uber in various donating rounds all over the past two years.

As blowing out the boosting points out in its appearance, the news that Google is likely viewing to introduce a ride-hailing service could mean problem for Uber on various fronts. For begginers, the Mountain View Company has large amounts of technical knowledge and in financial status to kick out at the project to done it work, an incident that could let solemn pressure on Uber’s own business.

On the skyline, Uber rejuvenates on Google Maps section for its choice of applications in the case, if it mislaid access to the provision; it would identify itself in an original fix, mainly during the violence of mapping apps going on to play catch-up with Google’s highly regarded contribution. The line took some other list on Monday when it took a few hours after Bloomberg’s report arrived; Uber announced a legal partnership with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) for the making of the Uber Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh.

In accordance with the Uber, the latest service wills in the concentration on study and development highly in the areas of “mapping and vehicle safety and autonomy technology” as they said. The declaration by the tech gaint terms the critics which had done in the previous year by Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick when he stated that his company’s overhaul would seem to have a change from using the drivers to one which was using only the driverless cars.

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