Swathi October 5, 2017

The situation in IT industry is going to change soon. Because of the rapid increase in automation and digital technologies, a significant number of jobs might disappear. The situation is worse in India rather than any other foreign countries. Everyone from top positions to new part-timers is at risk of losing their jobs. On the other hand, recently elected Donald Trump canceled H1B visa which even more kept the Indian IT industry at stake.

Cognizant recently planned to fire more than 6000 employees and to reduce the manual power by 2.3%. One of the top IT companies Infosys is also following the lead and is asking 1000+ jobholders including project directors, senior architects and other higher level employees to resign.

Recently Wipro CEO Abid Ali stated that if the income failed to hike, nearly 10% of workers should go back homes.

 Even Capgemini is also trying to fire 9000 people or reduce the jobs by 5%. The company has already asked 35 vice presidents, almost 200 senior directors to resign voluntarily.

However, the employees are getting angry on these IT companies because of their reluctant and ridiculous behavior.

Because of firing their workers to a large scales, Cognizant whose growth used to be 20% reduced by 8-10%. Infosys which recorded 13.3% growth in the year 2015-16 lowered to 8.3%. Even TCS also gained only 8.3% last year.

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