Ravalika Medipally January 21, 2015

A CBI investigation had come out to Manmohan Singh in the case of Hindalco coal block. He gave the answers with all the clarifications that are required by the CBI officers.

 The former Prime Minister of India from the Congress Party, Manmohan Singh had an investigation by the CBI officers in the case of Hindalco coal block. This case was forwarding from 2005 in the allowance of Talabira II coal block in Orissa to Hindalco. The special CBI court allowed the agency to verify Manmohan Singh and even filed the case reporting to have the further investigations on 27th of this month, January.

In accordance with the main sources, a dealing group from CBI officers made a huge allocation for two times to him on May 7th, 2005 and in June 17th of same year. Those notices were sent by the industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla to Singh for pleasing about the allowance of coal block to Hindalco.

For this, he gave the clarifications to CBI which were sought to have no influence and effect on vulnerabilities. Last year, on December 16th, the CBI court in New Delhi allowed filing a case for refusing the acceptance of closure report which was filed already and led for the investigation.

Preceding to the further verifications, the special judge, Bharat Parashar proclaimed, “I am of the considered opinion that before the matter is examined further as to what offence, if any, stands committed or by whom the same has been committed, it will be appropriate that the then minister of coal be first examined qua various aspects.”

By having a glance on those letters which were send by the industrialist, K M Birla to Manmohan Singh raised the government to concentrate on coal block of Hindalco. The court judged to have even more effort. It brought a huge change in manipulating the total government machinery which gave more importance for the individual interests to Hindalco and accelerate the allowance.

The judge of that special court in New Delhi claimed, “The number of reminders which were sent by the PMO, as well as repeated telephonic requests seeking an early response from the coal ministry raises grave shadows of suspicion.” The CBI officers were also asked by the court about the personal secretary of Singh, B V R Subramanya and ordered them to re-examine the earlier principal secretary, T K A Nair.

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