APK July 21, 2016

In a brutal and barbaric act of killing 3 Dog Puppies took place in Wazir graveyard at Musheerabad of Hyderabad city on July 16th, 2016.


Becoming popular and making themselves highlighted in the society, whatever the reason may be, humans are forgetting the humanity. The latest incident that came to light is really shocking. The brutality cannot be tolerated by any human on the society. Six children has acted in such a way that it is shameful for calling themselves as humans. The devil mentality is presented by them in the form of killing those 3 innocent puppies.

The children who played the deadly game of burning 3 dos puppies showed the evil nature that is inside them. Sad to observe the video that was filmed by one of them, they were feeling very much happy and thrilled in performing such a brutal and shameful act. The children ruthlessly killed the innocent and helpless puppies.

Watch here the Evil act of Burning 3 Dog Puppies by 6 Shameless Children

In recent times it has become a fashion to film such shameless, brutal and barbaric acts on cam and place them on social media sites to become famous. Recently, we saw a man trying to kill a dog from throwing it from the roof of 2-3 floors height in Chennai.

Surprisingly, the sadist man is a Medical student. How shameful to hear. A man who has to save lives has shown his cruelty. Is that man eligible to become a Doctor? Will he save life after getting a Dr. degree? Getting a Dr. degree for such a person would be giving a license to kill. This is the opinion of many on the social media openly about that Sadist man.

Now, these children, Killing is a game or a fun for them? Though they may be children but not innocent. Because they are matured enough of taking the video and placing it on social media sites such as youtube. The killing of such innocent creatures is becoming common now-a-days. On one side the animal savers are dying hard to save lives that are caused by accidents and other incidents. But such brutal activities are really a worrying factor for any animal lover in the world.

India needs to find a strict laws so that such incidents are to be dealt with severe action. Though the police have taken them into custody after the incident, this action won’t be enough for them and others to control their evil thoughts. There should be some severe punishments so that such type of incidents won’t be repeated next time in future. Living in a modern civilization, such acts are shameful to the human society.

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