Ravalika Medipally December 26, 2014

The Men’s team prodigies the Asian games golden crown nearly after 16 years and the women brought out with the bronze which is an awesome movement that stands in record.

Earlier, there was no record on the Indian hockey team of winning an Asian Games gold which is a Commonwealth Games silver and a 4th speck in the Champions Trophy in the same year. Append to this achievement as a 6th place at last in the World League Final and this year 2014 reveals a tag of success in terms of achievements at a delightful arena. In spite of having a competitive year, the Indian team made a huge effort with a sequence of gritty intervals. They stood up with the Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium as these are most top ranked teams, it gone into the record.

The year entered with the World League in Delhi where India rejoined in the combination of chief coach Terry Walsh to admirably take the sixth position. Walsh gave main concern to the method in place over direct marks and packed the boys even though India termed to tried a 9th place slot in the World Cup in the Hague.

In these held Commonwealth Games, the nation gave a good term of itself to retain the silver medal. Moreover, Walsh’s retirement in the basis of quitting on the knees of the victory let everyone in some extent of surprise. The Aussie made a huge report on his independent decision making and the condition to work from his home stand when the players was not tiring with any compartment.

Though tiresome to get nearer to aspects with the modifications, the Commonwealth Games winner tried a bronze medal in the Champions Trophy. Germany here showed very least innings, turned a huge spin by getting its 10th Champion’s Trophy title. India’s ever rivalry team, Pakistan brought a huge shock at its extent by having the final of the event after so many years which is nearly 16 years to pay off.

When comes to the women’s segment, Argentina rimmed out the sportive country Australia to pack the Champions Trophy and set a farewell to the renowned Luciana Aymar. Swarm the Netherlands beaten Australia to get the World Cup. In this extent, India took conceit in its Asian Games bronze medal.

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