Sriram July 24, 2015

Mumbai: Kaun Kitne Paani Mein trailer featuring Kunal Kapoor and Radhika Apte was released on Wednesday. This is a satirical comedy-drama which is directed by Nila Madhab.

The trailer revealed that the Hindi film was set against backdrop of Rajasthan and story mainly focuses on issue of water problems. Director, Nila Madhab also made a film named as ‘I am kalam’ and this time he is coming up with different subject to make the viewer’s aware of the future water crunch in rural areas where 70 percent of India’s population resides.

The Bollywood movie trailer is very impressive and interesting begins on a fascinating note with Saurabh Shukla trying to sell the town who is the raja of the town, because there is water problem in town. The film is also starring Gulshan Gover in lead role.

In a funny scene from the trailer which aptly review situation, Shukla lazily woke up from bed and get down from the stairs, shouted that he is going to take a bath. He says ‘Aaj toh hum snan karenge’. He realized that there will be enough water for his bath and corrects himself says “Aaj jum kulli karenge”.

Kunal kapoor played as Suhkla’s son character while Radhika Apte Played as Gulshan Grovers’s Daughter in this hilarious flick. The village divided based on caste and money and half of the village ruled by Shukla and half of the village ruled by Gulshan. The village of Gulshan has enough water to bear both the villages.

The film will be released to hit theaters later this year. Saurabh Shukla performance is well and however Radhika Apte looks stunning in trailer.

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