APK May 19, 2016

The ruling alliance LDF has regained the power in the Kerala Assembly Elections 2016 Results. The CM Oommen Chandy will retain his office.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Achuthanandan for the victory after Kerala Assembly Elections 2016 Results announcement. The LDF has secured a clear majority in the assembly to occupy the Cheif Minister’s chair. The state assembly elections of Kerala was watched interestingly by all the politicians as there was a hope for the Congress and the BJP of getting into the power.

The Kerala Assembly Elections 2016 Results are being announced completely for the 140 assembly seats. The polls were conducted and the results are being announced today along with the other state elections results which include mainly the South Indian states.

There was a bit of controversy in the Kerala state before the elections. But, nothing went against the ruling party and in favour of the opposition parties. The people of Kerala has chosen once again the LDF to rule the state. This can be said a tremendous victory for the communist parties. This is the only state now where the party is in existence after the collapse in West Bengal. The Kerala is the only state which is holding the flag of the communists in the entire country.

BJP may feel happy as it has made its debut in the state by winning an assembly seat.

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