Ravalika Medipally January 12, 2015

Leela Sagar, a boy who is being trained since six years for sailing at Yacht Club of Hyderabad (YCH) had victory in the Optimist National Sailing Championships at Bhopal.

The boy from Hyderabad, Leela Sagar had victory as a sailor. He is highlighted for sailing and winning Delloite Monsson Ragatta in 2014.He handled his boat with maturity in order to win from 12 races. And finally won 6 out of 12 with great confidence.

He bagged many prizes, awards for being a great skilled sailor. Some of them are

  • Gold medal in Monsoon Regatta in July, 2014
  • Bronze at Coastal Nationals, Bombay in October, 2014
  • Top at Optimist National Sailing Championships at Bhopal

Now he is one among the top ranked national sailors after the victory at Championships that were held in Bhopal recently. His coach, Suheim Sheikh said, “The boy is a natural, is determined and learns by instinct. He has realized that there is no substitute for hard work and resilience. He will surely go places”.

Leela Sagar faced many tough situations with co-participants in the competitions and proved himself as one among the best sailors in the world, and bagged top rank in national sailors.

He was monitored and mentored for about 3 years by his coach, Sheikh and bagged all these victories for his hard work, dedication and participation in the competitions.

His journey started at Yacht Club of Hyderabad (YCH) through Naandi Foundation about 3 years ago. And he truly proved himself by defeating everyone with championships.

Not only being a fast learner, a light weight body made him handy for sailing and he finished at the bottom of the fleet on debut.

Along with him, Musti Saibaba and P. Raju who were in YCH through LSN had set their goals to be accomplished. As a promise, they have finished 14th and 15th.

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