Ravalika Medipally January 20, 2015

Man Dies in Taiwan at 32 in an Internet cafe. It is noticed that this is due to the 3 day online gaming binge in Taiwan, the second case for this year 2015.

 The man of 32 who is surnamed as Hsieh started his online gaming on January 6th at a cafe in Kaohsiung, which is the Taiwan’s second largest city.  Jennifer Wu, a police spokesperson said this news to the reporters. He is from the Hunei district.

The one at the cafe was motionless at a table by an employee at the time of 10 a.m. on 8th January. And was sentenced to death for cardiac failure.

As per investigation, he has been unemployed for a long time. And to pass time, internet cafes were the only place for him. His family said that he would disappear for two to three days on end.

The Police first released the details to the press in the last week about the case. It is not clear about the man’s death for how long he has laid dead in the cafe. It is said that for several hours he was laid there before they come.

It is ridiculous to see the gamers in the cafe playing as if nothing had happened when the police and paramedics arrived there, as the Police said.

Wu, the Police man said, “The CCTV footage from the Internet cafe showed that he had a small struggle before he collapsed motionless”.

The temperature and over-exhaustion from the long hours to spend in playing made him to die due to cardiac failure, as per the police statements.

He is a regular customer for that internet cafe who plays for consecutive days. And in the case of exhaustion, he might sleep there tonight, the staff member quoted.

Taiwan tasted the death of a 38 year old man for playing games five days at Taipei internet cafe on 1st January.

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