APK April 7, 2016

Automobile Industry in India has an increasing trend in India and as the result, the luxury brands like Mercedes Benz stepped in.


The German Automobile manufacturers Mercedes Benz are enjoying the fruitful results of Indian consumers going for a branding and luxuries while opting for the purchase of the cars. This has shown an direct impact on the sales of the company in the Finacial Year of 2014-2015.

The sales of the vehicles had gone up by 20.91% when compared to its previous fiscal year sales. This is a record for the company in Indian sales of the brand. Coming to numbers, it sold 13,558 units surpassing its previous year sales of 11,213 units.

The first quarter of the calendar year 2016 has also raised up the sales and recorded 3622 units when compared to its previous sales of  3566 units. Mercedes Benz India managing director and CEO Rolland Folger has expressed his satisfaction regarding the sales and the performance of the company.

The important factor that is to be observed is that in spite of imposing ban on diesel engine vehicles, the sales of the same have increased. The Government of India had decided to ban the diesel engine vehicles as they cause more pollution when compared to Petrol vehicles. The idea of stopping diesel engine manufacturing vehicles is under consideration by many countries of the world.

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