Ravalika Medipally December 26, 2014

Here is another star, Varun Tej from the mega family now with his debut film, Mukunda which was directed by the well known director, Srikanth Addala. Users opinions and movie review on the latest telugu hit from pooja hedge’s second movie is here for you.

inline_414_http://indread.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Mukunda-Movie-Review-1024x512.jpg?70d833Starring: Varun Tej, Pooja Hegde

Director: Srikanth Addala

Producer: Tagore Madu, Nallamalapu Srinivas

Music: Mickey J Meyer

Release Date: December 24, 2014

Mukunda Movie Review


Now, we have one more rising star from the mega family, Varun Tej with his debut film, Mukunda. The Story is about a very humble and honest young fellow, Mukunda who is very particular about the things happening around him. Mukunda has a very dear friend with him who was always used to rescue by him.

Because of his friend’s lover, he met a very powerful person of the place, Rao Ramesh, a Municipal Chairman. The things happen around is with him and including the heroine Pooja who is daughter of him. So, how they met? What will leads to his love? You have to watch those things on the big screen.



Varun Tej has a very decent role in the film as it suits very well to him. As this is his debut, it looks a bit raw when compared to all experienced actors. So, there is no issue with this. But, he looks like he can improve well in delivering the dialogues very well in his forth-coming movies. And among all, the story and the theme they tend to present in front of them is very good.

Rao Ramesh is one more excellent fitting to the film. He already impressed with his earlier films. He did same thing to this film too. Pooja, the lead role of the film is elegant in the movie with her gorgeous looks. The songs are superb which were written by Sirivennela Sitaramashastry and the music is good too. They even shot well.


There is really lack of entertainment in the movie and it is a routine script for the mega heroes for the debut film. The film is very serious although the director showcased Varun well. Prakash Raj character is quite less and should have developed a little bit as the character is not at all necessary of Prakash and it can be done by anyone.

Pooja Hegde’s role is very limited and seen that she only appered when there is necessary of songs. Love shown here is very less as the two starring chars never spoken each other in the movie and only will hug each other at the end of the movie. At last, it remained as the routine story.

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