Rama Krishna December 28, 2015

New Delhi: The Centre has stated that LPG Cylinder Subsidy will not be given to consumers of annual income more than Rs. 10 Lakhs. This will be effective as new year starts, stated the Centre.

Consumers who are earning taxable income of Rs. 10 lakhs or above will be forced to give away their subsidy as part of government’s policy of giving subsidy only to necessary consumers. However the decision will take time to come to effect stated some analysts.

The Narendra Modi led government last year came up with a campaign “Give It Up” where consumers who could afford a non-subsidized LPG Cylinder were requested to give up their subsidy so that it can reach larger number of needy people. There are over 16 crore LPG connections in India and over 60 lakh consumers gave up the subsidy during the campaign. This policy comes into shape because the government felt that people in high income category can afford a non-subsidized cylinder.


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