Aswitha Marthala July 3, 2015

Hyderabad, July 3: Taxi aggregate Ola reduced charges of its mini and sedan category cabs in two Metro cities of India, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Online personal transport aggregator, Ola Thursday announced reduced charges for two categories Mini and Sedan in Chennai and Hyderabad. It reduced the charges for Mini category from Rs.12/km to Rs.10/km and for Sedan category from Rs.16/km to Rs. 12/km in Chennai.

And in Chennai Old has also reduced its base charge from Rs.120 for the first 5 km to Rs 99 for the first 4 km for Sedan category and now the base fare for mini category is Rs.99 for the first 5 km. Chennai currently has over 13,000 cars across the three categories Mini, Sedan and Prime.

Old has reduced the number of dry or unpaid trips for drivers to reduce estimated time of arrival (ETA) of cabs to 7 minutes. Ola has also reduced cab prices in Hyderabad region, prices have been reduced from Rs.14/km to Rs 12/km for Sedan category and Rs.10/km to Rs 9/km for its Mini category. Base charges sedans reduced to Rs. 100 for the first 5 km from Rs.150 for the first 6 km and minis from Rs.100 for first 5 km to Rs.80 for the first 4 km. Ola has 12,000 cabs currently in Hyderabad across different categories and the average time of arrival in city is as low as 5 minutes.

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